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              *  ATTRIBUTE SET BIB-1 (Z39.50-1995):   *
              *             SEMANTICS                 *
              *                                       *

                           September 1995


Relation attributes describe the relationship of the access point (left side
of the relation) to the search term as qualified by the attributes (right
side of the relation), e.g., Date-publication <= 1975.

The Relation attributes are the following:

                 Relation                          Value
                 -------------------               ------
                 Less than                           1
                 Less than or equal                  2
                 Equal                               3
                 Greater or equal                    4
                 Greater than                        5
                 Not equal                           6
                 Phonetic                            100
                 Stem                                101
                 Relevance                           102
                 AlwaysMatches                       103

Relation attribute Equal -- specifies an exact match (subject to
possible qualification by the truncation or structure attributes).

Relation attributes Less than, Less than or equal, Greater than or
equal, and Greater than -- meaningful only when both the term value as
qualified by the attributes and the access point can be realized as
elements of a set that has an inherent implied order.

Relation attributes Stem and Phonetic -- Stem refers to a lexical or
linguistic match; the term is to be compared with words in a record to
find those with the same stem.  Phonetic refers to a match based on
aural similarity such as Soundex.  In both cases, the match algorithms
are defined by the target.

Relation attribute Relevance -- used to select records that are
relevant to the term.  When used, the Use attribute determines what
portion of a record is to be evaluated for relevance.  The relevance
algorithm is defined by the target.

Relation attribute AlwaysMatches -- when the Relation attribute
AlwaysMatches occurs:

       - The target ignores the supplied term.
       - If the Use attribute is Any or Anywhere, then all records
           are to be selected.
       - If a Use attribute other than Any or Anywhere is supplied,
           all records are selected for which the access point
           corresponding to the supplied Use attribute is
           meaningful.  For example: if the Use attribute is Title,
           all records that have a title field are selected.