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              *  ATTRIBUTE SET BIB-1 (Z39.50-1995):   *
              *             SEMANTICS                 *
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                           September 1995


The Position attribute specifies the location of the search term within the
field or subfield in which it appears.

For the purpose of describing the Position attributes, when the
expressions "field" or "subfield" do not have another understood meaning
(as prescribed, for example, by the schema in use), these two
expressions are used as follows:

       - "subfield" has no meaning, and the Position attribute "first in
           any subfield" is not to be used.
       - "field" refers to the portion of the record to which the access
           point refers.

The Position attributes are the following:

       Position                 Value   Definition
       ----------------------   -----   --------------------------------------
       First in field             1     Search term must be the first data in
                                        the field.

       First in subfield          2     Search term may appear in any subfield
                                        but must be the first data in the
                                        subfield in which it appears.

       Any position in field      3     Search term may appear any place in
                                        the field.