UNIMARC concise bibliographic format

(May 1998)

Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC Core Programme

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Last Update: June 3, 1998


100 GENERAL PROCESSING DATA (Mandatory, Not repeatable)

Indicators: blank
Subfield codes
$a General Processing Data
$a/0-7 Date entered on file
$a/8-16 Type of Publication Date: Publication Dates 1 and 2
a = currently published serial
b = serial no longer being published
c = serial of unknown status
d = monograph complete when issued, or issued within one calendar year
e = reproduction of a document
f = monograph, date of publication uncertain.
g = monograph whose publication continues for more than a year
h = monograph with both actual and copyright/privilege date
i = monograph with both release/issue date and production date
j = document with detailed date of publication
$a/17-19 Target Audience Code
a = juvenile, general
b = pre-primary, ages 0-5
c = primary, ages 5-10
d = children, ages 9-14
e = young adult, ages 14-20
k = adult, serious
m = adult, general
u = unknown
$a/20 Government Publication
a = federal/national
b = state/province
c = county/department
d = local (municipal, etc.)
e = multi-local (interstate departments, etc. below the national level)
f = intergovernmental
g = government in exile or clandestine
h = level not determined
u = unknown
y = not a government publication
z = other government level
$a/21 Modified Record Code
0 = unmodified record
1 = modified record
$a/22-24 Language of Cataloguing (Mandatory)
$a/25 Transliteration Code
a = ISO transliteration scheme
b = other
c = multiple transliterations: ISO or other schemes
y = no transliteration scheme used
$a/26-29 Character Sets (Mandatory)
01 = ISO 646, IRV version (basic Latin set)
02 = ISO Registration # 37 (basic Cyrillic set)
03 = ISO 5426 (extended Latin set)
04 = ISO DIS 5427 (extended Cyrillic set)
05 = ISO 5428 (Greek set)
06 = ISO 6438 (African coded character set)
$a/30-33 Additional Character Sets
$a/34-35 Script of Title
ba = Latin
ca = Cyrillic
da = Japanese - script unspecified
db = Japanese - kanji
dc = Japanese - kana
ea = Chinese
fa = Arabic
ga = Greek
ha = Hebrew
ia = Thai
ja = Devanagari
ka = Korean
la = Tamil
zz = Other

101 LANGUAGE OF THE ITEM (Mandatory, Not repeatable)

Indicator 1: Translation indicator
0 Item is in the original language(s) of the work
1 Item is a translation of the original work or an intermediate work
2 Item contains translations other than translated summaries
Indicator 2: blank
Subfield codes
$a Language of Text, Soundtrack etc. (Repeatable)
$b Language of Intermediate Text when Item is Not Translated from Original (Repeatable)
$c Language of Original Work (Repeatable)
$d Language of Summary (Repeatable)
$e Language of Contents Page (Repeatable)
$f Language of Title Page if Different from Text (Repeatable)
$g Language of Title Proper if Not First Language of Text, Soundtrack, etc. (Not repeatable)
$h Language of Libretto, etc. (Repeatable)
$i Language of Accompanying Material (Other than Summaries, Abstracts or Librettos) (Repeatable)
$j Language of Subtitles (Repeatable)


Indicators: blank
Subfield codes
$a Country of publication (Repeatable)
$b Locality of publication (Repeatable)


Indicators: blank
Subfield codes
$a Monograph Coded Data
$a/0-3 Illustration codes
a = illustrations
b = maps
c = portraits
d = charts
e = plans
f = plates
g = music
h = facsimiles
i = coats of arms
j = genealogical tables
k = forms
1 = samples
m = sound recordings
n = transparencies
o = illuminations
y = no illustrations
To be used only once, i.e. y###.
# = (blank) - value position not needed
$a/4-7 Form of contents codes
a = bibliography
b = catalogue
c = index
d = abstract or summary
e = dictionary
f = encyclopaedia
g = directory
h = project description
i = statistics
j = programmed text book
k = patent
1 = standard
m = dissertation or thesis
n = laws and legislation
o = numeric table
p = technical report
q = examination paper
r = literature surveys/reviews
s = treaties
t = cartoons or comic strips
z = other
# = (blank) - value position not needed.
$a/8 Conference or meeting code
0 = not a conference publication
1 = conference publication
$a/9 Festschrift indicator
0 = not a festschrift
1 = festschrift
$a/10 Index indicator
0 = no index
1 = index present
$a/11 Literature code
a = fiction
b = drama
c = essays
d = humour, satire
e = letters
f = short stories
g = poetry
h = speeches, oratory
y = not a literary text
z = multiple or other literary forms
$a/12 Biography code
a = autobiography
b = individual biography
c = collective biography
d = contains biographical information
y = not biographical


Indicators: blank
Subfield codes
$a Textual Material Coded Data Physical Medium Designator

d = large print
e = newspaper format
f = Braille or Moon script
g = microprint
h = handwritten
i = multimedia (e.g. an item in regular print with a microfiche supplement)
j = miniprint
r = regular print
z = other form of textual material