UNIMARC concise bibliographic format

(May 1998)

Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC Core Programme

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Last Update: June 3, 1998

Series, supplements, etc.
410 Series
411 Subseries
421 Supplement
422 Parent of Supplement
423 Issued with
Preceding entries
430 Continues
431 Continues in Part
432 Supersedes
433 Supersedes in Part
434 Absorbed
435 Absorbed in Part
436 Formed by Merger of
437 Separated from

Succeeding entries

440 Continued by
441 Continued in Part by
442 Superseded by
443 Superseded in Part by
444 Absorbed by
445 Absorbed in Part by
446 Split into
447 Merged with xxx to Form
448 Changed Back to

Other editions

451 Other Edition in Same Medium
452 Other Edition in Another Medium
453 Translated as
454 Translation of
455 Reproduction of
456 Reproduced as


461 Set Level
462 Subset Level
463 Piece Level
464 Piece-Analytic Level


470 Item Reviewed
481 Also Bound With This Volume
482 Bound With
488 Other Related Works

Indicator 1: blank
Indicator 2: Note Indicator

0 Do not make a note
1 Make a note
Subfield Codes

$1 (one) Linking Data (Repeatable)
$a Author
$c Place of Publication
$d Date of Publication
$e Edition Statement
$h Number of Section or Part
$i Name of Section or Part
$p Physical description
$t Title
$u Uniform Resource Locator
$v Volume Number
$x International Standard Serial Number
$y International Standard Book Number/International Standard Music Number
$0 Bibliographic Record Identifier
$3 Authority Record Number
$5 Institute to Which Field Applies