ZACK Gateway

ZACK is a federated search engine for bibliographic databases in the Internet. The distributed search by means of ZACK is carried out in several databases in parallel. Duplicates are recognized; and a short list of matches without double entries is offered. The book locations will be shown in google maps.

Library of Congress Gemeinsamer Bibl.-Verbund
National Library of Australia Südwestdeutscher Bibl.-Verbund
Gemeinsame Verbündeindex (GVI) KOBV Berlin-Brandenburg
K10plus Bibliotheksverbund Bayern
LIBRIS - Swedish union catalogue Nordrhein-westf. Bibl.-Verbund
Gemeinsame Verbündeindex (GVI) AbeBooks
Hessischer Verbundkatalog New York State Library
swisscovery (SLSP/NEBIS)
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