Frequently Asked Questions for ZACK Z39.50 Gateway

Table of Contents

  1. Terms of use
  2. Software
  3. ZACK Documentation
  4. ZACK Advanced
  5. Other Documentation
  6. Z39.50 Target Profile
  7. Other Systems for distributes Search
  8. Copyright
  9. Support
  10. Contact

Terms of use

See chapter in the terms page.

Use ZACK on your on risk!


ZACK is written in free Software.
YAZ Toolkit
See also chapter Software and the Short description of ZACK Software in the diplom thesis.

ZACK Documentation

ZACK Advanced

Other Documentation

Z39.50 Target Profile

See also the list of databases in ZACK.

Other Systems for distributes Search

HTTP based:


See the terms page for details.



For any question regarding ZACK please contact the author Wolfram Schneider