Help for ZACK book maps


ZACK bookmaps is a web application to find, locate and loan a book with google maps.

ZACK bookmaps use several web services in parallel to gather all neccessary data in real time (Mashup). It depends on:


Library type

university library              - Universitaetsbibliothek       -
national or state library       - Nationalbibliothek
regional library                - Regionalbibliothek            
public library                  - Oeffentliche Bibliothek       
special scientific library      - Wissenschaftliche Spezialbibliothek 
polytechnic library             - Hochschul-/Fachhochschulbibliothek  
misc                            - Sonstiges 

Suppported Libraries

All german libraries which have a Sigel id code, total ~6200 libraries. See Sigelverzeichnis online. Number of books currently locatable: > 60 millions.

The following libraries or union cataloges submit Sigel id (Library Location Code) and holding information (Lokaldaten) in MAB2/USMARC records:

Coming soon:

bookmaps API

The cgi script bookmaps supports up to 3 books.



title1: the title of the first book, will appear in the left sidebar
isbn1: the isbn number of the first book, the book cover will appear in the left sidebar

  database: name of a ZACK database
  id: MARC or MAB record id (field 001)
  llc: library location codes (sigel), multiple values separated by '|'

If database or id are empty, the 'loan' link will not showed. The ISBN number is optional (no cover pictures at all).
Multiple values of r1 are possible - duplicated records or different databases.

second book: title2, r2, isbn2 (see above)
third book: title3, r3 , isbn3(see above)

Example 1: Book HyperWave, 2 union catalogs bac and hbz, holdings in alot of libraries:|0752845|109&r1=hbz|HT007222213|290|290|6|82|836|836|836|836|464&isbn1=3920993268

Example 2: my neighborhood libraries:||1a|292|101|7|35|23|89|109|ZB

Location of Libraries

Supported Browsers

All browser with CSS 2.0 and JavaScript (AJAX) enabled.

Firefox 1.0.7, Mozilla 1.7.11
Firefox 1.5
IE 6.0
Opera 8.5
konqueror: no

More Informations

Please read the ZACK help page or the FAQ.


bookmaps is a new service. Any questions? Feel free to contact me!